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December 3, 2009

Why do ministers want us to be poor in old age?

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Why does the Government want us to be poor in old age? That’s a slightly biased intro, but policies on pensions and retirement have been seriously wrong for a few years now, with different policies pointing confidently in opposite directions. The startling recent finding, that the proportion of people over 55 in the UK planning to work beyond the state retirement age has shot up from 40% to 71% in just two years, shows the impacts of recession and low savings. Yet the Government has in recent years pursued policies to encourage us to live longer; this is the justification for the increasing restrictions on smoking. In the most bizarre twist of all, ministers have opposed the campaign by Age Concern and others to end mandatory retirement ages, in the so called ‘Heyday’ case They also erred by ending tax benefits of pension funds in 1997.

We’re supposed to live longer. We can’t afford to unless we work longer. We’re not allowed to work longer. See if you can work it out.

There is, however, creeping support for some form of euthanasia, with prosecution officers not bringing prosecutions for those assisting individuals to go to the Swiss Dignitas Clinic. So perhaps that’s the answer: we’re supposed to kill ourselves.


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