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November 15, 2010

Meet the New Boss

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Excerpts from Meet the New Boss, to mark its shortlisting in the CMI Management Book of the Year awards:

As well as being guided by stories, we find that our life itself is a story. Our career is a story; a leader looks for a narrative to set the organisation’s course; stories provide the gossip that command so much of our attention during working hours. And what do we do when we go on holiday? We read books.

We want our life story to be one of excitement, purpose and fulfilment. We want the obituary to read well. We will not be content to be an extra in someone else’s drama… The innumerable protests about work as drudgery, in books, plays, TV sitcoms and popular songs through the ages, tap into the primal existential fear that one’s individual life may be meaningless.

The craft of management cannot remove the onerous duty of needing a wage, nor the tedium from certain repetitive tasks; and it most certainly cannot turn slavery into Utopia. But it can make working life materially better. If you believe, as I do, that the notion of the exploitative company as the most profitable is a cultural myth, then we can recognise that much of the suffering at work is perfectly avoidable. The best managers are also the best managers.

Also shortlisted by the CMI are the latest works by Henry Mintzberg, Rosabeth Moss Kanter and Richard Donkin. Full details on the shortlisting here. The winners will be announced on 25 January.

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