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April 23, 2014

Appeal: looking for trainers as partners

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Over the past few years, I have written or co-written several books on the theme of management. They address different aspects, but there is a unifying theme.

The theme is: the stories we tell ourselves – about management, about leadership, about corporations and their role in the economy and society. It is a theme that has been neglected, almost overlooked, in the MBA and other conventional approaches to business education. It amounts to a very different way of understanding business, and our role as managers, and one that holds much commercial potential as well as scope for personal development. I’ve held events and piloted training linked to these ideas, with some very positive feedback, indicating that this approach can be empowering for individuals as well as improving our understanding of how businesses work in the real world.

I am now looking to partner with a training provider or events organiser to bring some of these pioneering ideas to market. The three books I’m looking to feature – and for which I’ve piloted events and/or held talks – are: New Normal, Radical Shift; Meet the New Boss, and The Global You. A short description of each follows:


New Normal Radical Shift (Gower, 2013)

Summary: Has economics been far too dominant in shaping business education, and in turn is economics too biased towards data, rather than an understanding of human dynamics? New Normal Radical Shift, published by Gower Publishing in 2013, demonstrates that low wages don’t maximize profits, and that sustainability is good for business.

Launch event: London May 2013, attended by business leaders. Feedback available upon request.

Talk: May 2013, London. Human Potential Accounting. Video via this link.



Meet the New Boss (self-published, 2010 as e-book and 2013 in paperback)

Summary: Since the dawn of Western literature, work has received a bad press. Genesis 1:17 relates how man was banished from paradise and sentenced to labour in the fields. The theme recurs in books, songs and situation comedy. Have the subliminal but powerful archetypes about the mean boss made our offices and factories very much worse than they could and should be? Powerful, original insight from a book shortlisted for the 2010/11 CMI Management Book of the Year Award.

Event: Ampthill, Bedfordshire, September 2013: feedback available upon request.

Scheduled talk: The CEDEP executive group at INSEAD, Paris, 19 May 2014. (note: will feature themes from Global You and New Normal Radical Shift also).


The Global You (Marshall Cavendish 2011)

Summary: Anglo-Saxon culture has been dominant in shaping business education, but in our multi-polar world this bias ought to be challenged. The Global You, by Philip Whiteley and Sue Bloch, encourages managers to understand different world views. It is rich in stories from real businesses, and includes simple daily disciplines to help develop a global orientation.

Event: Pilot training course, April 2012. Feedback available upon request.

Online training materials available.


Discussion points/possible themes for talks & training sessions

  •  Stories we grow up with: archetypes, cultural myths. What do we understand by the terms ‘the boss’, ‘the company’, ‘the economy’? – etc.
  • How we make decisions.
  • The course of action you decided not to follow – at least 50% of leadership is un-measurable.
  • Key life decisions; role models. The life we might have had, and the major influences that shaped our career decisions.
  • Different world views: getting away from stereotypes and misunderstandings.
  • How the richness and complexity of a human community like a business enterprise is hidden in much strategic planning and reporting of results.


About you

I am looking for a training or events provider – could be mature or young – whose expertise is in delivery; ideally an individual or company who already ‘gets’ the fact that management education has been conceptually flawed in the past and needs re-orientating around the reality that the enterprise consists of people, not ‘resources’. You may be linked to a higher education institute, and you are probably specialising in management or organizational development, but these are not essential features.


About the events/courses

I am very experienced in organizing and delivering events; my main needs are around marketing, logistics and building a web presence. The events could be any of the following:

  • One- or two-day facilitated training events,
  • Breakfast seminars,
  • Evening events, possibly with entertainment (for example, when the theme is Meet the New Boss),
  • A session within an existing training programme.

They could be based around just one of the three book titles, or more than one. They could be a one-off, a short series, or you may be interested in building a business around them. You are probably based near London-Paris-Brussels, but I’m interested in working with partners from anywhere in the world. I am a Spanish speaker (escríbame en castellano si prefiera Vd).


What I offer

  • Three professionally written and published, ground-breaking management books, rich in detail, backed by evidence and illustrated with case studies.
  • Genuinely original, ground-breaking, thought-provoking ideas.
  • Piloted concepts, with strong feedback.
  • Experience in delivering training and talks.
  • I will offer you at least 50% share of profits, potentially more for someone with a fantastic marketing operation and global reach.


About me

I am a pioneering author and journalist, specialising in the working environment and business performance.

I am a member of the Society of Authors, and a Subject Matter Expert for the Chartered Management Institute. I am a fluent Spanish speaker, with a Diploma Letter of Credit from the Institute of Linguists. I have been named co-author for the 2014 All-Party Parliamentary Group on Management, report due July 2014. In addition, I will be chairing the inaugural Ampthill Literary Festival, Bedfordshire UK, on 5th July 2014.

Blogs: Radical Shift: Also:

There is more information about me at and on Linked-in.

If you are interested, please email me: or call +44 1525 406746, Skype: felipew50



  1. Hello Phil

    Thanks for your blog post and I may be able to help you.

    What particular sort of training partner are you looking for?

    I’m away for the week at a conference and happy to email/skype when I’m back

    I know a few trainers and could put you in touch…..not sure of the background/standards you are looking for ?

    Cheers and good wishes


    Comment by richardmaun — April 23, 2014 @ 12:02 pm | Reply

  2. Thanks Richard! I’d consider talking with a diverse range of trainers and events organisers. The approach and philosophy would matter more than the level, though I’d stress that this is a commercial proposition, to be pitched at managers. Do please call me when you’re back from your conference. Have a great week. P

    Comment by felipewh — April 23, 2014 @ 12:38 pm | Reply

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