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October 13, 2014

Time for a romantic interlude

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When I quip that my career as a business writer consists of trying to persuade economists that society consists of people, it can be assumed I’m exaggerating. I’m really not. Treating people as ‘resources’ is a conceptual error as well as a demeaning attitude, as I’ve sought to demonstrate with Neela Bettridge in New Normal Radical Shift. I’ll be reprising the message with a talk at the CEDEP school, INSEAD on 17 November, and when hosting the launch of The Management Shift (use of the word ‘shift’ is coincidence, but telling) by the brilliant Vlatka Hlupic later that same week.

It’s delightful to be able to share the burden with people like Vlatka who’ve done so much more research. And sometimes, I seek refuge from this Quixotic task of re-educating the business community. For years, I’ve carried out experiments with fiction, and I’m delighted to announce that my first novel will appear in spring 2015, published by Urbane Publications. Matthew Smith, founder of Urbane, has the excellent idea of co-creating books and the means to promote them in partnership with authors. This is perfect for me, as I’ve long sought an alternative to traditional versus self-publishing. In an interview for the Ivy Moon Press blog, Matthew explains his business philosophy of partnering and cooperation.

Close of Play is a romance with some comedy, and much reflection. Urbane pitch it as ‘a thoughtful, honest story of love and manners, of missed opportunities and a chance at redemption’. Society consists of people, and it’s a rare person who’s uninteresting. My role is, first and foremost, to be a reporter of the times we live through. It’s been fascinating to turn to fiction as an alternative means of conveying stories and ideas (an awful lot more difficult than non-fiction, I’ve discovered). A revised manuscript has just gone to Matthew. I’ll post again when details are available.

Strange new world ….


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