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October 31, 2014

A practical vision

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While I’ve written books, blogs and articles about the organizational and societal benefits of engaging leadership, one challenge for me personally is that I’m not an executive. I can’t claim: ‘Oh, this is how you change the leadership/teamwork in your organization, starting from next Monday….’
I deal with ideas; important ideas, and I make the case that you can’t separate ideas, beliefs, values, etc, from management decisions, even the smallest ones. But of course you have to be able to join the dots between the ideas and the practice. So I’m delighted to be working this year with Vlatka Hlupic who, as well as sharing my ideology on organizational leadership, can present a proven, practical tool for delivering it – tested at 20 employers, large and small. Her book, The Management Shift, is published today. Here’s the opening:

In business management, there is a problem. There is also an historic opportunity. The problem is that our conventional hierarchical approach, with a senior management operating ‘command and control’, is no longer a credible option for a rapidly changing, unpredictable, global business environment. The opportunity comes from the wealth of evidence and thinking behind an enlightened alternative. In this book I shall describe what I call “The Management Shift”, that focuses on people, their collaboration and sense of purpose.

Read more at: The Management Shift.


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