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May 29, 2015

Book tour and blogs

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A quick blog to record my thanks to the brilliant Catherine Hetherington and Linda Hobden, entrepreneurs who are custodians of, respectively, the New Bookshop in Cockermouth, Cumbria; and the Boots Shoes & Fashion blog, who have created terrific opportunities for me to discuss the ideas and characters of Close of Play this week.

Last Friday, I was featured in the ‘Boots’ blog. I have to say, it was a strange experience to be asked about fashion! That’s never happened as a business writer. But perhaps I will have to pay a bit more attention to footwear given the increasing number of public engagements…. A clip from the interview is below:

I’ve always been fascinated by people’s beliefs – whether you go to church; which political party you vote for and why, etc. I wanted to explore these ideas by putting together two Christian individuals having doubts and troubles in middle years. He’s the better sort of Tory, she’s the better sort of left-winger. So they have differences.

On Tuesday 26 May I gave a talk at the New Bookshop in Cockermouth. Thanks are also due to my wonderful sister-in-law Marilyn Lawrence, who helped arrange the talk. Around 30 people turned up, and we had a good discussion about cricket, nicknames, character, and the reasons why Elizabeth prefers to call Brian ‘Colin’ when she knows it’s ‘wrong’. I was particularly pleased to hear warm commendation from those who had finished the book, and who aren’t friends/don’t owe me favours! In general, the feedback to Close of Play has been rather more positive than I dared hope. Excerpts from some more reviews follow. Sincerely, I don’t know these people:

“As for the ending, well, you’re going to have to read it to find out. Seriously, do.”

“This book is written in the most beautiful language. I took longer to read it than normal because I would read a sentence or a paragraph and have to go back and re-read it; such was the enjoyment.”

“This is a book for a sunny day and a glass of wine. Read it and rekindle your faith in humankind.”

  • Several people have asked me about the next book. It’s due to be set in Belgium in August 2014, following a pub crawl of Leeds United fans …. But [hard sell follows] I don’t have a contract yet, so it will help enormously if we can boost sales of Close of Play. If you loved it, do consider buying a copy as a gift, or writing a review at Amazon:
    Or at GoodReads:
    From Monday, you’ll be able to register an online vote for Close of Play in this summer’s People’s Book Prize! Details will be on this blog, plus my Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter accounts.

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