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September 10, 2015

There is magic in all life

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“There is magic in all life; in the every-day … A spider’s web is symmetrical; fragile, yet deadly. A wasp’s nest may be a perfect sphere, with parallel internal walls, as though crafted by an expert joiner. Look at your hand. Turn it over. Caress your fingertips with the end of your thumb. Is that not a miracle? Look someone in the eye for a whole minute. These tiny portals, small and sunken. Inwards, they convert light into colour and perspective, to let us see beauty or drama. Outwards, they convey our deepest emotion, the very voice of the soul, to someone else. Is that not a miracle? Why invent other creatures when we do not understand ourselves? Not take the time to appreciate this clumsy angel; divine beast, a human being? We are intensely conscious in almost everything, yet did not choose to exist! We are already supernatural. Composers can communicate across the generations; we can listen to the heaven’s width in the timing, in the space, between the notes in a cadence by Scarlatti or Mozart. I get called old-fashioned because I recoil from pop music and from Hollywood blockbusters with their ghouls and super-heroes, and I seek peace and quiet from time to time. Give myself the opportunity to appreciate this unmeasurable force that makes life life. In our modern world one has to plead for permission to slow down, away from the relentless din of popular entertainment, or the noisy hate campaigns between rival politicians. With all progress there is loss, and often the progress is meagre and the loss, immense.”


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