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December 3, 2015

Michael Reddy

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I have known Michael Reddy, entrepreneur in employee and management services, for around five-six years. I can’t recall exactly how we came to be in contact with one another, but his house was nearby, so we were often able to meet up for a coffee and a chat. On Monday his daughter emailed me to say that he passed away last week on holiday. He was older than he seemed – as he was still working and innovating – but it comes as a great shock and I am very saddened.

His formal achievements don’t tell half the story. He will be known principally as the founder of the globally successful ICAS service that provides employee assistance programmes – helping staff with issues that may be to do with health or stress, or personal well-being. He sold the business to Axa-PPP in 2007.

What made Michael remarkable is that he could have had a comfortable retirement, or a well-rewarded career by continuing with such services, but he wanted to make a broader contribution. In conversations with him, I learned that he had become increasingly concerned that employee assistance programmes helped people at an individual level, only to be returning them to a toxic environment. So at an age where most English chaps would be donning the slippers and watching the cricket, he set about launching initiatives to improve the workplace, and the calibre of management. His motivation was humanitarian.

Michael was a leader but also a facilitator; always keen to encourage new voices to take to the stage or have the byline. I am proud to have been invited to take part in some of the publications and events that he coordinated in recent years. I think his influence will be felt long after his lifetime. I certainly hope so, and will do my best to make that happen.


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