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September 20, 2016

Gringos Can’t Dance

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A short story by PJ Whiteley

Her fiancé’s in Brazil ….

Young Johnny Collins accompanies his close friend Pablo, son of a political exile, on a sojourn from their home city of Leeds to Santiago Chile in June 1991, a year after the fall of the dictator Pinochet. The two friends plan to attend a major football cup final, along with the equally sports-mad, feisty and beautiful Rosa, Pablo’s cousin.

Johnny promises to obey his mate’s entreaty not to fall for Rosa, who is engaged to the arrogant Arturo, absent on a foreign posting. But as the young friends become caught up in the chaos of an all-night fiesta that sweeps across the city, Rosa and Johnny’s desire for each other tests their commitments to breaking point. What can they endure more: the regret of a doomed love affair, or the regret of a missed opportunity?

This coming of age drama by PJ Whiteley, prequel to his second novel Marching on Together, portrays a melting pot of clashing cultures and youthful passions, and a sequence of events that will haunt Johnny for many years to come.

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