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April 27, 2017

New beginnings, and life’s journey

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A lovely review of Marching on Together is published in Church & Town, the parish magazine of St Andrews, Ampthill, written by Rosie Hughes. I reproduce it below:

Review of Marching on Together

By Rosie Hughes – Having been lucky enough to read an early, pre-publication draft of this book, I was really looking forward to reading the finished article.  I was not disappointed and actually enjoyed the book all the more through having an appreciation of its journey.

A mixed group of six Leeds United supporters set off on a trip to Bruges at the time of the centenary of the Great War.  It is apparent early on that the trip represents very different things to each of them.   Although ostensibly a lads’ drinking weekend, there is the search for great-granddad’s grave on the Western Front, a crucial business meeting with a European contact,  new romantic relationships to be formed and a thirty year old crime to be absolved.

The characters are sensitively drawn and whilst they are Marching on Together, they are on their own private journeys.  There is an underlying theme of family and belonging both in the literal and figurative sense, with the loneliness of one character in particular, Yvonne, being palpable.

The importance of music in the characters’ lives features prominently, but football is the interest than unites the group.  Their love of Leeds United and pride in all things Yorkshire is clearly evident, but you don’t need to be a football fan or from the aforementioned county to appreciate this novel.

The book is very funny in parts, with the characters displaying both dry wit and self-deprecating humour.  There are also key moments of sadness and reflection.

The conclusion represents moving on, new beginnings and life’s continual journey.

A gentle book, to be savoured and contemplated.

From Church & Town. There is more information about St Andrews Church on this link:

You can buy Marching on Together at Amazon, just click on this link.



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