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September 21, 2017

Engagement is a business issue

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Ryanair’s crisis of multiple flight cancellations is a failure of employee engagement, but cultural biases prevent the media or many business commentators from presenting it in this way. This was the topical message at a talk I gave this morning at the second Engage for Success Milton Keynes seminar.

‘The airline’s brand has been damaged, the share price has been hit, the business model could even be threatened, because senior managers were not treating the engagement of employees as a matter of business risk.’ Ryanair has been losing pilots to competitors, and the offer of a one-off cash bonus received a cool reception. Such an approach is typical of a mechanistic approach to management, geared excessively by a bottom-line calculation of cost, with people referred to as resources.

‘The idea that the economic impact of relationships in the workplace is negligible is probably the most stupid popular idea I’ve ever come across … People are not “resources”. A company doesn’t consist of resources, it consists of people. Resources are what we use.’

At the seminar, attended by around 40 senior professionals in internal communications and personnel-related disciplines, discussion ranged widely, covering matters such as the importance, and the difficulty, of measuring the economic impact of training and other people-related investments. Katy Downes of Network Rail reported on how her business has made progress in linking key indicators of employee engagement to business indicators.

In her address, Stevie Leake of Kerry Foods, described the company’s comprehensive approach to engagement, from strategic communications to deliberately ‘fun’ elements such as competitions and ‘thank-you’ cards. Engagement has risen, in line with improved performance, she reported.

Also at the seminar, Engage for Success representative Silke Brittain, managing director ClearVoice, and Adrian Spurrell of the Red Thread, led a participative session in which delegates engaged in group discussions to devise ways to protect or even enhance staff engagement and performance during Brexit, with a task of envisaging announcements that could be made in January 2020.

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